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student rental properties

Student housing made easy...

1. Search

Rentals 101 is your source for hundreds of reputable student rentals within the Niagara Region. On the web or on your phone, we provide quick, reliable and transparent service to help you find a new home.

2. Select

Choose your desired neighbourhood and rental type, then filter by price and current or future availability to customize results. All properties list proximity to bus routes, so whether you attend Brock University or Niagara College we’ve got you covered.

3.Get packing

Secure your rental with one of our reputable property managers, and get ready to make your move. Don't forget to pack your socks.

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Hey property owners!

Looking for a better return on investment? Tired of being the first point of contact and sick of chasing the rent each month? If so, give us a call! Our Property Management program provides everything from renting out your property to maintenance and landscaping. Being a landlord has never been this easy.

Investors and Property Owners

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