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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the terms of the lease?

Unless an alternative agreement has been reached between the tenant(s) and Rentals 101, all lease agreements are for a 12 month period.

Does everyone living in the rental unit have to sign the lease?

Yes, all persons living in the property must sign the lease, so that no one person can be held legally accountable for a shared property. The responsibility should be divided equally among your roommates, particularly if you are all paying equal shares in rent.

I gave a deposit to secure an apartment, but have changed my mind. How do I get my deposit back?

Your deposit is not refundable in this circumstance. When you submit your deposit, it is important to be 100% sure that you would like to rent the unit. The only case in which your deposit will be refunded is if your application is denied and/or someone else is given the unit.

How do I set up an appointment to view the rental properties I am interested in?

A contact form accompanies the detailed listing page for each rental unit on our site. Alternatively, you can email us and indicate which unit(s) you are interested in seeing, your group size and availability and one of our property managers will be in contact with you. If you do not have access to email, you may call the office at 905-641-0911 to set up your appointment.

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